May 30, 2023

Nina Westbrook is triggered by Skip Bayless and his analysis of her husband

Russell Westbrook’s wife, Nina, wants Skip Bayless to “do better” and accused him of blocking her on Twitter after the Fox Sports analyst criticized her husband.

“I just found out that @skipbayless blocked me on Twitter… as though I’m the one [constantly] harassing him and calling him out of his name,” Westbrook, a trained marriage and family therapist, wrote on her Instagram story on Friday, according to social media screen grabs.

Bayless, who’s known for outrageous comments and divisive tweets, continues to call the Lakers player “Westbrick” amid the guard’s months-long shooting struggles.

“Mr Bayless. I’m a real person. If you’re able to use your platform to degrade my husband and constantly call him out of his name, then at least be adult enough to deal with the consequences of your actions,” Westbrook continued. “Don’t try to erase me from your reality to make yourself feel better about your choices.

“I’m still here. There’s no need to block me. Just be respectful, and I have no reason to respond or remind you of your reckless choices. Just do better.”

Later on, other social media screen grabs showed an apparent deleted tweet by Westbrook that read: “I was mistaken… twitter fingers. I’m not blocked and free to respond to his tweets, which I gladly will. :).”

In a another tweet, Westbrook, a former UCLA basketball player, demanded that Bayless apologize to her husband.

Nina Westbrook isn't happy with Skip Bayless
Russell Westbrook on March 3, 2022

“I’m tired you you @RealSkipBayless calling my husband out of his name. It is extremely childish. That is my name as well, and many other peoples name. You’re disrespectful, and I’m extremely offended by your behavior. You should apologize.”

Bayless later acknowledged Westbrook’s deleted tweet, and responded with, “Dear Mrs. Westbrook: Thank you for clarifying that I didn’t block you. I’ve never blocked anybody and never will. I welcome your criticism and appreciate your defending your husband. But I will continue to tell the truth as I see it.”

Last week, Bayless questioned why the Lakers traded for Westbrook, whose poor performance this season has landed him on the bench.

Skip Bayless in 2017

The Lakers acquired Westbrook last summer in hopes of forming a Big 3 with James and Anthony Davis, but the point guard has struggled to find his rhythm on the roster.

According to Bleacher Report, the first-year Laker and the franchise have mutual interest in finding Westbrook a new team this summer.

The 33-year old Westbrook is averaging 18.1 points, 7.6 rebounds and 7.2 assists on 43.4 percent shooting from the field, and 28.4 percent from deep.

The Lakers are currently ninth in the Western Conference, and have become a target for criticism from sports personalities including Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal.

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