May 30, 2023

SOURCE: Colin Cowherd to Barstool Sports is “absolutely in the works”

Some love him, some hate him. That’s why he’s so great at his job as a sports opinionist. He claims to be the most honest and authentic talk show host in all of sports radio and television, but he’s certainly not. He’s just a really good entertainer. Which is why the cold October and November winds of Bristol, Connecticut weren’t good enough for him while employed by ESPN. It’s why he moved to sunny and never cold Los Angeles, California on the west coast to work for Fox Sports. He was meant to be in LaLa Land.

A source confirmed to ATP on Wednesday that Barstool Sports owner Dave Portnoy and Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd have been negotiating a deal that will bring Cowherd on board with the raunchy online blog.

“It was kind of obvious to a lot of us when he first mentioned Portnoy on his show and kept talking about Barstool a few months ago, sort of nonchalantly. Dave and Colin have talked and it is something that has legs, we know that for certain.”

These two guys working together might take over sports media for good. A duo like Dave Portnoy and Colin Cowherd would absolutely dominate. These are literally two born Hollywood actors that just weren’t good looking enough to be on the big screen in the movies. Great personalities, just overly lousy looks.

Cowherd tweeted this on Wednesday morning. Notice the slang? Right up Barstool’s ally. Raw, raunchy and just in your face. We knew this would eventually happen, but wow it is indeed a shocker. Colin Cowherd employed by Dave Portnoy. Just incredible.

To cap off a wild Wednesday night in the world of sports, Colin leaves us with this.


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