Were Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock High As A Kite During NFL Watch Party?

Many people on social media were puzzled and pondering the same question late Thursday night:

Were Outkick’s Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock blazed out of their fucking minds during the NFL Kickoff Watch Party broadcast on Periscope?

Before we investigate, hats off to Clay and the growth of Outkick. The broadcast looked very professional and the set up was near perfect without any technical difficulties. Extremely rare for a first time deal, so, kudos there.

But, lets be perfectly clear here: They were high as shit.

Here Whitlock is seen pointing at the television screen of a professional football game laughing with Chink eyes for apparently no reason at all.

Also seen here, Clay has some very lazy and hazy eyeballs for an 8:20pm kickoff. We all know that Clay gets up early everyday like the rest of the world, but this is next level BLITZED.

Multiple instances throughout the entire broadcast clearly indicate that Travis and Whitlock were high as hell. Whitlock lost his train of thought a countless number of times and just laughed with Chink eyes to play it off.

As if we needed any more evidence of a high Clay Travis, look at that plate of food in front of him. Devoured, destroyed.

This broadcast was ultimately a major hit for Outkick and Clay Travis. It’s brought two of the best talking heads in sports media together and has advanced the Outkick brand to massive heights. The potential of these “Fearless” episodes on Periscope are virtually endless and could really become a force to be reckoned with.

Blaze Travis and Smokin’ J Whitlock!

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