Ryan Tannehill has agreed to terms on a new four-year contract with the Titans, per ESPN.

Here’s are the numbers:

TOTAL: $118M 




The Mega Millions Lottery advertised Jackpot is currently sitting at $90M with a cash-option value of $69.4M. So, yes. I am right. Ryan Tannehill just won the lottery.

After a stellar season leading the Tennessee Titans to the AFC Championship game, the Titans really could be a force to be reckoned with in 2020. Derrick Henry, healthy WR’s with upside potential, great offensive line and I believe a B- of a head coach in Mike Vrabel.

At least it’s apparent that Tennessee isn’t going to sign Tom Brady, and that they are investing in Tannehill as the franchise quarterback.

Congrats to Tannehill, who just won the lottery and gets to sleep next to this every night:


Some guys really do have all of the luck.

Chad Wyrick

By Chad Wyrick

ATP creator. Content appearances on Fox News, SEC Network, Barstool Sports, 247Sports, ESPN Radio, among others. Played football at Marshall University and Bluefield College.

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