PHOTOS: Patrick Mahomes has some pretty amazing real estate

On the football field, Patrick Mahomes has established a dynasty, and he’s making a stinking fortune off of it.

The star quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs, who recently inked a 10-year, $450 million contract, is using his inherited wealth wisely by investing in real estate.

In addition to doing a lot of it, Mahomes appears to be rather skilled at it.

According to a thorough investigation by the NY Post, the 27-year-old QB currently owns four residences totaling over $8 million.

Mahomes paid much less than the asking amount for two of those properties, including a sizable plot of property in Missouri and a multi-million dollar farmhouse in Texas.


Patrick Mahomes first Kansas City condo.
Patrick Mahomes’ first Kansas City real estate purchase.

Mahomes gets great deal on Kansas City condo

Mahomes’ first crib, which he bought in 2017 before he began earning hundreds of millions of dollars, is nothing special.

It’s a cute little 2-3 condo in Kansas City, as you can see above, that was first advertised for $475,000. However, because that’s what stars do, Mahomes was able to purchase the 1,800 square foot bachelor pad for $350,000.

The Post also says Mahomes’ house – which he put on the market briefly in 2019 but has since removed – is known to be the “nicest condo in the building for the best price,” and the only one to have a top roof deck and a two-car garage.

Deion Sanders had a farmhouse and so does Patrick Mahomes.

Like Deion Sanders, Patrick Mahomes buys massive farmhouse

Mahomes’ first big purchase came in 2019, when he shelled out nearly $3 million for the above beauty located in KC that features three bedrooms, four bathrooms, spans over 4,300 square feet and is located on 1.4 acres.

Mahomes puts COVID stimulus to good use for Missouri land

Just before the NFL season started back in Sept. 2020, Mahomes used his COVID stimulus and purchased eight acres of land in Belton, MO.

Patrick Mahomes uses NFL check to purchase massive Texas mansion

The above mansion is Mahomes’ latest and greatest purchase – a $3.37 million house in Westlake, Texas.

The four bedroom, seven bathroom mansion was originally listed at $4.2 million, but Jackson Mahomes’ older brother managed to shave nearly $1 million off the asking price.

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