May 30, 2023

2023 5 Star QB expected to flip from Oregon to Tennessee with massive NIL deal worth millions

A portion of The Athletic report can be read above the website’s paywall. It details that the 2023 5-star signed with a “school’s NIL collective.” The article does not name the prospect or the affiliated collective, but my sources in Knoxville have confirmed to ATP that it is indeed Nicholaus Iamaleava. He is expected to make an announcement soon, but there is no definitive date as of Saturday evening. Iamaleava is choosing the Vols over the Oregon Ducks.

This story will be updated as soon as an announcement is made by Iamaleava, which is expected soon.



From Stewart Mandel:

“On Friday, a five-star recruit in the Class of 2023 signed an agreement with a school’s NIL collective that could pay him more than $8 million by the end of his junior year of college, The Athletic has learned. He’ll be paid $350,000 almost immediately, followed by monthly payouts escalating to more than $2 million per year once he begins his college career, in exchange for making public appearances and taking part in social media promotions and other NIL activities “on behalf of (the collective) or a third party.”

NCAA rules say that NIL deals cannot be “pay-for-play” in exchange for a prospect signing with a school. In the paywalled article, Mandel details that the $8 million deal avoids violating the rules by not mentioning a requirement to enroll at any specific university. The deal does not mention any school by name, per Mandel’s report.

Reactions from fans and media varied. Some applauded the athlete for inking a big payday, while others expressed concern about college football’s future.

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