VIDEO: Stafford ignores injured photographer, Mahomes shuns girlfriend courtside in Lubbock

If you’re like me, this Wednesday had it’s normal, run of the mill vibe to it. I like to think a lot of us normal people experience the same kind of Wednesday’s. Up early, breakfast, shower, work, take the dog out, change a diaper, take the trash out, cook dinner, shower again. You know, the fun stuff.

When it comes to celebrity NFL QB’s? It’s far from normal. Wednesday started off with an extremely bad look on drunken Super Bowl Champion quarterback Matt Stafford when he watched a female photographer fall 10ft to a concrete slab on her back, and then walking away as if nothing happened:


Then it gets weirder. Super Bowl LIV Champion quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his girlfriend, Brittany Matthews, were courtside for the #7 Baylor vs #11 Texas Tech matchup in Lubbock, Texas on Wednesday night.

Just minutes into the first half of the game, ESPN catches footage of patrons shooting the breeze, enjoying laughs with the celebrity couple. Well, everybody except for Patrick.

In the video below, you can see Mahomes remove his arm from around his lady friend in disgust and anger. I’ve also broken out my investigative lipreading skills to interpret the extremely edgy situation:

BM: “What?…”
PM: “We’ll talk about it afterward.”
BM: “Okay!…”
BM: “Patrick told me no resting bitch face” (followed by awkward facial expression)


Now that you have seen the footage, can we just agree that Matt and Pat look like absolute fucking PRICKS here? My goodness. You’re both SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS with hundreds of millions of dollars and not an actual real care in the universe is on your mind. A female photographer falls 10FT to her back and you turn around and walk away like you didn’t even see it happen? Really? Are we human or inhumane? Matt is the BY FAR the biggest prick here. I can almost understand why Mahomes is mad. The guy next to them could have been annoying them from the start, said something about Joe Burrow beating his ass at Arrowhead, or that his coattail-to-fame brother is the closest thing to a wannabe “Backstreet Boy”.

Regardless, this is unacceptable behavior from both. You are celebrities, cameras are on you at all times in public and this is how you act towards females? I feel bad for the ladies. I truly do. They deserve better, much better.

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