INVESTIGATE: Who is the hottie the two young horndog kids were looking at?

This moment at the Little League World Series has the internet in stitches.

On Wednesday, two little league players were caught on ESPN cameras gazing at an image of a cleavage-bearing blonde on a cell phone — and their reactions to the photo have fans, along with former NBA player Rex Chapman, laughing.

While some young players from Texas were sitting in the outfield in Williamsport, one player leaned to his right to show his teammate the sultry snap. He nearly hypnotized his fellow baseball player, who tipped his head back with a stunned look on his face.

The player who showed off the photo then leaned to his left to show another pal.

Let me be perfectly honest here. These kids have great taste. Since the release of this footage, I have launched a full blown investigation to track this woman down. We need her identity. All leads or tips can be sent to

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