May 30, 2023

Tennessee’s SID won’t allow players to come on 4th And Truth

Two weeks ago, I went for a long walk in my favorite park. Whilst walking, I felt something touch my soul. It was commonplace. It felt right. I didn’t resist it. It was everything coming full circle.

“It’s Time”

As college football season approaches us with the entirety of its normalcy, so does 4th And Truth the Podcast. While making this decision of a rebirth was an easy one, I knew it would be one I couldn’t take lightly. I have grown and matured. I have met and developed relationships with quality individuals who trust in me to get it right, to bring the best.

You can get anybody you want on that phone to talk to you.

With the new NIL rule being allowed in college athletics, I reached out to a player at Tennessee who is also the owner of a multi-million dollar company. He was elated with joy when asked to come on the show, but Tennessee’s Sports Information Director blocked his appearance on the show.

This is preposterous and unfair in every facet.

After having to send over my contact information to the player to give to UT SID, the Vols reached out to me and said that no Tennessee players on the current roster can come on my show and talk.

“I am sorry to inform you that —– ——— will not be able to talk with you on your platform.” – UT SID

What on earth is wrong with Tennessee here? What feathers have I ruffled in Knoxville to the extreme that their players can’t come on my show and talk about football and business? Am I the evil villain in Knox County?

I’m a 26 year old revamping a very popular show that went into hiatus during the pandemic. With a powerful return show that will stun very many still ahead, I wanted a very unique and fascinating Vols player to join me and talk about business. With the NIL decision being made legal for athletes to profit for themselves, why do they have to still go through SID to appear on a radio/podcast program? Utterly preposterous and nonsensical. There’s simply no way around it.

I believe that 4th And Truth has become so wildly popular and known in Knoxville, that it’s been painted as a negative source of opinion based sports takes. That’s the only possible reason why the SID department blocks their football players from joining my program to talk.

I don’t know whether to laugh, laugh louder or both. This is my school. My family and I have spent a ton of money on them over the years. My grandfather played for the Vols.

So much emotional investment to the athletics program over the years that they are solely responsible for my seasonal depression that starts when their kicker boots the skin off to the dominant.

We will see the numbers after Drinkwitz joins the program later this month. Already agreed to come on. Stay tuned. Fireworks are near.

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