May 30, 2023

Derek Dooley: “I don’t know why the fu*k they made me AD”

As I sat in the sauna this morning doing my normal workout routine, in walks a Missouri Tiger fan. We get to talking and I soon find out that he is married to the head softball coach at the University of Missouri. SUPER cool guy. Anyway, he goes on to tell me a Derek Dooley story. We love those. We want all of those that we can get.

He tells me that Dooley used to live in his neighborhood in Columbia, MO before Dooley fled and went to the New York Giants. One particular encounter he will always remember happened at an on-campus restaurant.

“He was just standing there, straight up on his feet, feeding himself forcefully. Food flying everywhere. So, I casually walk by him and say hello.”

As he sat there waiting on his food, his wife, Missouri softball head coach, walks in the door and immediately Dooley starts glancing over at her.

“I was like, yeah thats my wife, she is the softball coach here.”

Dooley, still eating his meal, snaps out of his gaze and says,

“Oh, alright! I thought that’s who that was. Listen, I only know one thing about softball. When I was the AD and head football coach at Louisiana Tech, I don’t know why the fu*k they made me the AD, I guess to give me more money and keep me there longer, I had to fire our softball coach for sleeping with one of our baseball players. That’s about all I know about softball. Best of luck to you!”

He then walks out of the restaurant, pushes the door open with his hips and continues eating as he walks out. Pretty hilarious story. My sauna friend also said that Dooley is wildly intelligent and a genius, but he’s definitely out there and “different”. Oh, believe me, I KNOW!

My experience with Dooley looking back, was a fond one. Very energetic and just a guy you could tell loved being a football coach and enjoyed every second of being able to tutor and coach upcoming high school seniors. To be honest, he wasn’t that bad of a football coach there. Almost beat LSU in Baton Rouge, got to a few bowl games, and played some of the toughest schedules in recent UT history. I like the guy! Enjoy:

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