May 30, 2023

Report: Derrius Guice told 74 year old grandma: “I like to f**k women like you”

Gloria Scott said she was harassed by former LSU running back Derrius Guice while working security at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in 2017.

On Friday, more than three years later, Scott is speaking out again — and accusing coach Ed Orgeron of lying to investigators about the incident.

Despite the 74-year-old’s claims that she spoke with Orgeron directly about Guice’s sexual harassment, Orgeron told investigators that never happened.

Scott said she was sexually harassed by Darius Guice

Scott said that in December 2017, Guice and his friends approached her while she was outside of her post by an elevator at the stadium.

Guice walked right up to her and started speaking with her.

“I like to f**k women like you, you older women, because y’all know y’all like us young men to f**k y’all,” she said Guice told her, via USA Today. “And, you know you want this body.”

The comments continued, all while Guice allegedly started rubbing his body up and down. She said that she asked him to stop and leave her alone, but Guice continued with “a big grin on his face.”

She said she told him to stop, but he didn’t listen.

“‘Young man, respect me,’” she told Guice, via USA Today. “‘I am a grandmother, and I have grandkids. How would you like somebody to talk to your grandmother this way and handle this like that?’ I said, ‘My grandsons are not like this.’ And he told me, ‘F**k your grandsons. They don’t know nothing, you and I are going to the hotel so I could f**k you.’”

Finally, after several minutes, she said Guice stopped and left. Scott later complained about the interaction to LSU athletic department administrators, LSU’s student accountability director and to coach Ed Orgeron.

Nothing, though, happened.

“December this year is going to be four years ago it happened,” she told USA Today on Friday. “It’s just like it was yesterday. I don’t know, maybe I might not never get over this until I die. And I’m serious.”

Ed Orgeron denied speaking with Scott

LSU hired Husch Blackwell, a law firm, to investigate its handling of sexual misconduct cases in November. Its nearly 150-page report was released earlier this month, something Scott said caused her to want to speak out.

She even testified before the Louisiana Senate Select Committee on Women and Children on Friday about the incident.

Though she said that she complained directly to Orgeron — who has been at LSU since 2016 — he told Husch Blackwell that he never had any direct contact with Scott.

Orgeron, per USA Today, said that he was told about the incident from associate athletic director Miriam Segar, but that he “was not sure [it] happened.”

Orgeron, both Scott and her granddaughter said, is lying.

Scott spoke with Orgeron over the phone while Scott’s granddaughter was in the room, they said, and they recognized Orgeron’s “frog voice.” They also said that Orgeron called them, and that Guice was on the line with him to apologize.

“Coach O is telling a lie,” Scott said, via USA Today. “He’s not telling the truth. I don’t have no reason to lie. I know who I was talking to. He knows he talked to me.”

Guice reportedly harassed Scott before

Scott said that she had interacted with Guice before, and none of those conversations were pleasant.

While working at the Superdome after LSU’s game against BYU in September 2017, Scott’s job was to ask those still hanging around the stadium to leave after the game. Guice and his family were still there, so Scott approached them and asked them to head out.

Guice and his family refused.

“I looked at this young man, and I said, ‘This young man’s not going anywhere,’ ” Scott said, via USA Today. “I felt his spirit. I did. He’s not going anywhere in life. Because he have no respect. And he’s very disrespectful. Nobody else had a problem but him.”

Guice played at LSU from 2015-17. He has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault. LSU’s handling of complaints about Guice and others was described as a “serious institutional failure” by the law firm. The school also came under fire for its handling of former football coach Les Miles’ behavior while he was running the program. Miles, who has since been fired from Kansas, was accused of sexually harassing multiple female students.

LSU running back Derrius Guice

Gloria Scott, a 74-year-old security guard at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, said she was sexually harassed by Derrius Guice in 2017. (AP/John Raoux)


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