May 30, 2023

I’m Still Beyond Pissed Over The Hire Of Josh Heupel

Okay, so it’s been four days since Tennessee hired 42 year old Aberdeen, South Dakota native Josh Heupel as the 27th head coach at the University of Tennessee. When I tell you it was one of the worst mornings of my life, I am not kidding you. I angrily slammed doors at my store, flipped chairs and treated my girls who cook me breakfast at my local diner like complete dog shit. The world was ending before my eyes at 10:00am (est) in West Virginia on January 27th. I am still emotional about it.

These were and still are my thoughts when the news leaked the night before it became official:


Here was my reaction to the official news before I went on a rampage at my store and local diner:


Look guys. We have every reason to be pissed about this. This Danny White clown, and when I say clown, I mean CLOWN, fooled all of us into thinking he was after some big fish and he trots out Josh Heupel from UCF.. He literally hired his best friend because James Franklin turned down the job. Now when that happened, his next move should’ve been to Oxford, MS to see Lane Kiffin. Guess what? Sources confirmed Lane Kiffin was never even contacted. Okay. Say that is the truth. Your next option becomes Hugh Freeze. Didn’t call him either.

Jamey Chadwell?

Tom Herman?

Gus Malzahn?

Jeff Fisher?

Matt Campbell?


I’m pissed that UT is committed to self debauchery and mediocrity (if they’re lucky).

Don’t tweet back to me on this either, #VolTwitter. I am not handling this well at all. This game we all lose.




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