This shit is terrible. Absolutely atrocious. Flooded with music we have already heard, ‘Dark Lane Demo Tapes’ fills our ears with the classic mumble jumble “rap”. SO disappointing.

BEST SONG: Desires (Featuring Future)

The outro is vintage Drizzy. The slow Drake will always be the best Drake. There are too many places that Drake tries to take his talents to, and he finds failure in 80% of them. Check the numbers. Stick to what the people love. Talk about your fucking ex, Drizzy. Be sad and melodic. IT. WORKS.

The rest of this piece is just so average. I don’t know what else to tell you. So bland, redundant. ZERO SUBSTANCE! What the fuck is he even talking about in 7-14?

Hype train got us all again. Drake is going to sell regardless. It is what it is. But, poor piece of work.


Chad Wyrick

By Chad Wyrick

ATP creator. Content appearances on Fox News, SEC Network, Barstool Sports, 247Sports, ESPN Radio, among others. Played football at Marshall University and Bluefield College.

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