May 30, 2023

VIDEO: This 30 Second Golf Commercial WILL Make You Cry

“Until we all can play 18 and shake hands again…”


I have played probably close to 50 holes of golf since this pandemic started and I can not begin to explain how different it is. No carts, golf shop closed, but the course is being kept in great shape….awaiting our return. It’s a game that can get very lonely and with this virus outbreak, it’s doubled the feeling of loneliness. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being on a course with nobody around. No one on your ass speeding you up, no turtles ahead slowing you down. You play at your pace 100% of the round. I love it. But, I miss the old days. I miss being slowed down, being forced to play out of my set strategy. I love absolutely drilling a shot two feet from the pin in front of the guy who is taking a round of golf way too seriously and smiling at him like I had two-foot putt ahead to win the Green Jacket at Augusta. I just miss…..normal.

Until we can all play 18 and shake hands again…lets #ShankThisVirus.



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